What is The Optimist?

The Optimist (formerly Ode magazine) is an independent media initiative focused on solutions and possibility. We are committed to solutions journalism. We point the way to answers for the challenges humanity and the planet face. We offer news that's actually new. We present intelligent optimism as the most effective, efficient—and scientifically proven—strategy to support creativity, innovation, health and happiness.

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Who is The Optimist's audience?

  • Everyone who has turned off the news because they are fed up with the negativity of the mainstream media
  • Everyone who'd like to support their health and happiness with a simple investment (research shows that practicing optimism for 15 minutes a day has tangible results)
  • Everyone who wants inspiration to fuel their creativity
  • Everyone who searches for "yes" and "how"
  • Everyone who knows that for every problem there's at least the beginning of a solution
  • Everyone who doesn't ignore or deny problems but does something about them
  • Everyone who knows that the world is not perfect but that each act can make it a little more beautiful


What do others say about us?

The Optimist is the best little anti-dote-to-media-nastiness you're not reading but should be.

The Optimist offers a positive take on everything... That taste of the glass-half-full turned my afternoon hobby into a sort of addiction...


Sample stories

"I don't believe in diets"

Many pages into writing his new book, Kris Verburgh realized the truth. Darn it, he was writing a diet book! This was from someone who dislikes diet books. "I don’t believe in diets," he says. "I'm not a fan of them. Most diets are unhealthy." And he’s suspicious of the motives of many authors of diet books: write a bestseller, sell products, get rich.



"Talking is very primitive"

Futurist Jose Cordeiro foresees speech being replaced by brain-to-brain-transmissions.
What's wrong with talking?
"It's a very primitive technology. It's inefficient, slow and narrow bandwith."
Er, are we talking about talking?
"Yes. I speak to you word by word and you have to listen to me word by word. Meanwhile, you cannot answer



Optimism: There's always a way

In high school, my week revolved around the field hockey game on Saturday. Back then, we still played on regular grass. Hence as the week progressed, a striking parallel arose between my mood and darkening skies. Too much rain would force the game to be cancelled, which routinely happened in the fall and winter. My grumbling started well in advance. If it were raining cats and dogs on a Friday afternoon, my dear mother would try to cheer me up by looking out the window and pointing at a random piece of sky. "Look," she'd exclaim, "it's already clearing up over there!"



"Hacking" the Human Biofield

In this 90 minute online seminar Dr. Alberto Villoldo teaches how shamans create extraordinary health.


Who are we?

We are a multinational team building bridges between today's problems and tomorrow's solutions. We launched in 1995 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In 2004, we established ourselves in San Francisco, California. We are united in our passion for new solutions and opportunities. Our 15 team members work from offices in the United States, the Netherlands, France, Zambia, Guatemala and Canada, and between us we have travelled to many countries around the world. We are women and men, writers, designers, translators and ambassadors. We have organized ourselves according to the rules of the emerging new economy, with laptops, Skype and Hangouts and without soul-squelching hierarchies. We travel the world, committed to our joint mission with autonomy, independence and adaptability. Our work is where we are and who we are. That's because our work is not just our work but our lives. And because we like building bridges.