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Newswire presents news to inspire intelligent optimists. Our unique wire is constantly refreshed by an automated system that combines advanced semantic technology with the guidance of our editorial staff.  Around the clock and around the world, Newswire is always looking at the most authoritative news sources for stories that focus on solutions rather than problems, and on positive changes rather than negative ones. Unlike other news sources that are over-weighted with negativity, Newswire contributes to a more balanced media diet.

Newswire is a collaboration between The Intelligent Optimist and Temnos, Inc., a Silicon Valley content intelligence company providing rich analysis of web content at scale.

Sources currently in the system:

1. The Age
2. Al Jazeera (English)
3. Arab News
4. Bangkok Post
5. BBC News
6. Buenos Aires Herald
7. Business Insider
8. CBS News
9. Der Spiegel
10. The Economist
11. Environmental News Network (ENN)
12. Financial Times
13. FOX News
14. The Guardian
15. Inter Press Service (IPS News)
16. Japan Times
17. JPost
18. LA Times
19. Mercury News
20. Reuters
21.  New York Times
22. Times of India
23. TreeHugger
24. VentureBeat
25. The Moscow Times
26. Le Monde Diplomatique
27. European Voice
28. Turkey Daily News
29. China Daily
30. Scotsman
31. Mother Jones
32. The Telegraph
33. Scientific American
34. The Nation
35. ABC News
36. Africa Business Daily
37. AlterNet
38. Belfast Telegraph
39. The Boston Globe
40. The Canberra Times
41. The New Zealand Herald
42. Chicago Tribune
43. The Houston Chronicle
44. CNN
45. The Christian Science Monitor
46. The Denver Post
47. The Wall Street Journal
48. Fresno Bee
49. Haaretz Israeli News
50. The Hindu
51. The Independent
52. The Irish Times
53. SF Gate
54. Jerusalem Post
55. Knoxville News Sentinel
56. Mail & Guardian
57. Commonweal Magazine
58. Maclean’s
59. Harper’s
60. The Huffington Post
61. Common Dreams
62. National Post
63. New Internationalist
64. New Scientist
65. The Atlantic
66. Seed Magazine
67. The Tennessean
68. Chicago Sun-Times
69. The Straits Times
70. Star-Telegram
71. The Santiago Times
72. South China Morning Post
73. Slate Magazine
74. Prospect Magazine
75. Toronto Globe and Mail
76. The Nation
77. Toronto Star
78. The Times
79. USA Today
80. The Washington Monthly
81. The Walrus
82. Time
83. The Economist
84. The New Yorker
85. The Australian
86. The Zimbabwean
87. Cape Times
88. The St. Petersburg Times
89. The Prague Post
90. National Post
91. Irish Examiner
92. London Evening Standard
93. Sydney Morning Herald
94. BBC News – Africa
95. Daily News Egypt
96. Guatemala News
97. Dominica News Online
98. Mirror News
99. The Economic Times
100. Business Times Online
101. Globes – Israel busin