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The Intelligent Optimist (formerly Ode) is an independent international media platform focused on solutions, possibility and inspiration. We present optimism as the most effective, efficient and by scientific research confirmed strategy to drive the innovation and creativity that are necessary to solve the problems and meet the challenges that people and society face.

The Intelligent Optimist was founded as Ode in 1995 in The Netherlands by Hélène de Puy and Jurriaan Kamp who left the world of mainstream journalism because of its never ending focus on whatever goes wrong. Since 2004 the platform is led from twin headquarters in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and San Francisco in the US.

The Intelligent Optimist publishes a daily selection of solutions-news online, webinars to support the optimism lifestyle and an award-winning quarterly print magazine in which we point to groundbreaking innovation and the people leading the way. We also offer our readers the chance to connect with these pioneers of possibility and deepen their learning and understanding in interactive online events and courses.

We present intelligent optimism as a way of life because it supports individual and global health and happiness.