Magazine Issue: Oct/Nov 2011



By Editorial Team

How systems therapy helps re-establish the family as a psychological and emotional safe haven.

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  1. I agree that healing the family is key to healing the world.
    Sometimes though, there are cultural beliefs that keep the negative situation in place. I see this in Italy, where there is not much awareness of what abuse is and it might be even justified by cultural or other beliefs and so many people are stuck in negative or harmful situations thinking it is normal and also guilt and obligations keep them there. It is a challenge.
    Beautiful article, thank you for writing it.

  2. What a lovely article. I do agree that families should be able to re-establish themselves as a safe haven for all their family members, and it seems that “systems therapy” would work as a healing approach for those in distress. Really appreciate the topic–it was so well written; loved the personal touch (could even visualize myself as one of the characters described by the author). It is important to realize that we need to re-define our definition of the word “family”; be open to gay, lesbian, trans-gender, step-families, etc. Hope we hear more from this gifted writer.

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