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A Course in Spiritual Healing and Transformation

A 12-month intensive hosted by The Intelligent Optimist


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Are you looking for a deeper purpose? Do you feel it’s time to put what you know into practice? Is life calling you to make changes?

If so, sign up for A Course in Spiritual Healing and Transformation and go into the new year knowing that the change you’ve wished for again and again, maybe longer than you’d like to admit, has been given full permission to take root.


Host Jurriaan Kamp  |  Program Director Carol Greenhouse

Guest speakers will include Trevor Blake, Ruediger Dahlke, Peter Russell, Marcus Veysey, Benjamin Zander, Rosamund Zander and many more.


Who are you? What are you here to do? Is 2014 the year you make it happen?



In 2014, The Intelligent Optimist celebrates its 10th year in the U.S.

During that time, we’ve published groundbreaking stories about innovators who are turning the world of their imaginations into a more creative, healthy, compassionate, conscious reality for us all.

But while we know that ideas are wonderful tools that can inspire great things, it can be hard to know how to move ideas into practice.


“When you work closely with this material as I have with The Intelligent Optimist for almost 10 years—not just reading the stories that catch your eye, but really engaging with the ideas—it changes who you are and how you live. You’ll never be the same—and you won’t want to be.”

--Carol Greenhouse, Program Director



Are you looking for a deeper purpose? Do you feel it’s time to put what you know into practice? Is life calling you to make changes? 

If so, sign up for A Course in Spiritual Healing and Transformation and go into the new year knowing that the change you’ve wished for again and again, maybe longer than you’d like to admit, has given full permission to take root.


The Intelligent Optimist’s visionary founder, president and editor-in-chief Jurriaan Kamp and its veteran special projects director and creative catalyst Carol Greenhouse will guide your journey. Pioneers from the pages of The Intelligent Optimist like physician Ruediger Dahlke and Art of Possibility co-authors Benjamin and Rosamund Zander will serve as mentors, meeting with you live online and stimulating dialogue in a stimulating interactive online forum that you can access 24/7.

And The Intelligent Optimist will supply plenty of materials to support your growth and work with you to apply what you learn to transform your spirit, your community and (y)our world.


“If you like The Intelligent Optimist magazine, you’re going to love us live.”

--Jurriaan Kamp, The Intelligent Optimist’s visionary co-founder, president & editor-in-chief



Throughout the year, you’ll:

  • - Commit to the direction you want to take in a guided process
  • - Develop or expand a rewarding and sustainable spiritual practice
  • - Engage in deep work on the psyche and the shadow
  • - Implement strategies created by some of the most advanced health practitioners and spiritual leaders of our time
  • - Identify and assess your personal health challenges
  • - Explore ways of seeing those health challenges in metaphorical terms and working with them as road maps to transformation
  • - Make a practice of living in possibility
  • - Learn to eat and take care of your body in alignment with modern wisdom on diet, exercise, mindfulness, illness and more
  • - Melt resistance, inconsistencies and other road blocks that have obscured your course and experience lasting changes, supported by your course leaders and fellow participants
  • - Make all this new knowledge yours by applying what you’re learning with help from your mentors

Why this? Why now?

This course ties together a decade of work by Intelligent Optimist staff to illuminate a new way of seeing and inhabiting the world. And we’ve done the legwork to bring you the most credible practitioners, those who are manifesting quixotic new dreams with their feet firmly planted in the dirt.



Before the start of the course, you’ll receive a packet containing:

  • - A detailed overview
  • - An instruction sheet that explains how to operate the technology in detail—both the digital platform and the interactive software that will allow us to work with the wonderful guest speakers we’ve enrolled as mentors

A monthly packet will outline the shape of the four weeks to come, keeping you informed about who our guest speakers will be, what topics we’ll be working on and how you can get the most out of the course.

And you’ll receive a weekly packet in your “in” box, including:

  • - Homework assigned by the program director and/or guest speakers
  • - Articles from The Intelligent Optimist and elsewhere
  • - Audio and video recordings from The Intelligent Optimist and elsewhere
  • - Optional assignments


  • - 12 months of inspiration, education and exploration, each with a fresh focus, each building on the last
  • - 2 live video programs with world-class teachers each month. We’ve chosen some of the most penetratingly insightful guides in spirituality, health, personal fulfillment and community consciousness to take you on a journey that builds each month.
  • - A community of like minds. Moderated by Carol Greenhouse and with regular contributions from our mentors to keep the conversation stimulating, our private group will be open 24/7, facilitating lively debate among us. And it’s as easy as making a phone call.
  • - Recordings of each class. By year’s end, your video library will be packed with memorable ideas and operating instructions you can draw on again and again.
  • - Monthly and weekly messages. On the first of each month, you’ll receive a detailed summary of what lies ahead: what you can expect to learn and what topics will be covered. Each week, you’ll receive optional exercises, articles and other material to keep you engaged and advancing in the direction you set at the start of the year.
  • - Powerful exercises. You’ll be encouraged to engage the material at your own pace with weekly assignments, reflection, interactive dialogue, debate exercises and more.
  • - Superlative resources. Is there a particular strength you’re interested in cultivating? Maybe you’d like to know more about going on a raw food diet or experimenting with lucid dreaming.
  • - Ongoing support. Questions will be answered, tech issues resolved, camaraderie generated, motivation rekindled, special needs met.



You’ll have unlimited access to The Intelligent Optimist/Ode print, video and audio archives, a decade’s worth of reporting from the front lines of individual and cultural transformation, and each week, we’ll send you highlights from the collection related to the work you’re doing in the course.

  • - Award-winning magazine features, columns and short pieces
  • - In-depth interviews
  • - Video recordings
  • - Custom-designed exercises
  • - A recommended reading list of books, poetry, articles, essays and more


To take all 12 courses we hosted in 2013 would have cost $2,400. Instead, A Course in Spiritual Healing and Transformation gives you two live sessions a month; stimulating, intimate, ongoing dialogue with thought leaders and members of your tribe; and articles, videos, exercises and other materials designed to further your progress and advance your personal goals in the health and spiritual arenas—ALL FOR ONLY $999!

 Or you can make monthly payments of $99: 

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The world is a better place than you think. That’s the controversial premise of The Intelligent Optimist, a 10-year-old Maggie award-winning publication long known for its stand against the hell-in-a-handbasket perspective advanced by mainstream media and very nearly accepted as fact by the public. And Jurriaan Kamp is intelligent optimism’s leading champion.

Kamp was a South Asian correspondent and the chief economics editor at the leading Dutch daily newspaper, NRC Handelsblad, for years before he understood that his heart lay not in reporting on the world’s problems but in finding solutions. After coming to this realization, Kamp and his wife, Helene de Puy, founded Ode: The Magazine for Intelligent Optimists in the Netherlands in 1994.

In the next decade, Kamp went on to write two books, Because People Matter and Small Change: How Fifty Dollars Changes the World, both on how people can build a more sustainable economy. Then in 2004, Jurriaan and Helene moved with their four children to the San Francisco Bay Area to begin building Ode in the U.S.

Since that time, Ode, renamed The Intelligent Optimist in 2012, has been a vital player in the global transformation, featuring the work of a stable of changemakers like Al Gore, Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Ken Wilber, Jack Johnson, Michael Franti, Cate Blanchett, Jean Houston, Robert Redford and dozens more.



Carol Greenhouse is a creative catalyst and conduit who has had the great good fortune to serve as a member of the staff of The Intelligent Optimist for almost a decade.

During that time, she worked on virtually every story in the magazine; launched the company’s fun and profitable auctions; acted as lead writer on the transition team from Ode to Intelligent Optimist; led The Intelligent Optimist Live promotions team, designing and marketing courses and events; and lots more.

At the same time, her own quest for spiritual healing and transformation has led her to people like Ruediger Dahlke, Marcus Veysey and Charles Eisenstein, who have quickly become regulars in the magazine and in The Intelligent Optimist’s courses.

She’ll be coming to you live from Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, where she lives with her homeschooled 10-year-old daughter, Zoe.


What individuals—unsung heroes or household names—are revolutionizing our ideas about heath and spirituality? That’s the question we asked as we wove the threads of this year-long course. By no means are all the pioneers who made our “A” list represented here. But many are, from German physician Ruediger Dahlke, whose book we discovered at a Guatemalan spiritual center, to physicist Peter Russell, familiar to many from the hit movie What the Bleep Do We Know!?

And so, some of your guides in the months to come:

Course_BlakeTREVOR BLAKE is an entrepreneur and author of The New York Times bestseller, Three Simple Steps: A Map to Success in Business and Life. The book is based on his experience as the founder and CEO of a company that developed medicines used to treat rare diseases, mostly in children. The company sold after eight years in 2010 for more than $100 million. He was also the recent presenter in The Intelligent Optimist’s course, Three Simple Steps to Success in Business and Life. He specializes in mentoring people to bring their dreams to life.


RUEDIGER DAHLKE is a physician and psychotherapist, and author of The Healing Power of Illness: Understanding What Your Symptoms Are Telling You, and many other books and articles. Dahlke was the recent presenter of The Power of Illness with The Intelligent Optimist and leads courses and seminars all over the world. He is a proponent of the idea that all disease is an opportunity to become more aware and find out why we are alive.


MARCUS VEYSEY has been a counselor and a teacher at Las Piramides Meditation Centre on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, for 20 years, where he teaches everything from psychosomatic healing to spiritual therapy, meditation to plant medicine to yoga. He also gives one-on-one sessions based on Ruediger Dahlke's Healing Power of Illness.


BENJAMIN ZANDER is a conductor, speaker and artist. He is the celebrated conductor of The Boston Philharmonic Orchestra and a guest conductor in orchestras around the world. With his former partner, Rosamund Zander, he co-authored The New York Times bestseller, The Art of Possibility. He is a sought- after speaker known for being able to inspire in audiences the capacity for creativity.

Course_RosamundROSAMUND ZANDER is a psychotherapist, writer, artist and master coach. She co-authored The New York Times bestseller, The Art of Possibility, which invites us to put possibilities into action. She writes an alternative advice column for The Intelligent Optimist called "Dear Roz." She has a genius for designing innovative practices for personal and professional transformation and is a sought after workshop presenter. 




I’ve been an Intelligent Optimist subscriber since its birth as Ode in 2004. Still, when I first read of The Intelligent Optimist course offerings, I wondered why they were necessary. Other sources already existed to access similar information. I doubted the need and potential success. Then I experienced the process—in the comfort of my own office, my own chair and at my own time if my schedule conflicted—and the courses brought the magazine articles I loved so much to life, to my life. Expanding my consciousness is not a one-stop trip, and I’ve come to view The Intelligent Optimist’s courses as a necessary stop on the way to transforming articles into real life.

--Andrea Goeglein, Ph.D. and CEO of Serving Success,


I’m a member of The Intelligent Optimist, and I receive a course as part of my membership. Can I take this as my free course?

We’re sorry, but because of its length, this course is not included in your membership. Please click on to choose a course you can take free as a valued member—and then enroll in this one too. We guarantee it will be a peak experience for you. (See money-back guarantee, below.)

Can I take just one month of the course?

We’ve designed this course to serve your long-term transformation, so it’s not possible to jump in and out. But because we know how much you’ll get out of the course, we’re offering a guarantee. If during the first month, you find the course is not right for you, we’ll refund your money in full.

If I can’t tune in at the appointed date and time, is there any way to catch up?

Yes. We’ll be sending you the recordings of each of our live video programs within 48 hours.

We also have a place where all participants can interact with each other, with the program director and with the guest speakers. This will be open to you 24/7, so you can tune in any time that it works for you. All discussions that occur while you’re not online are archived on the site so you can keep up.

Will there be homework?

Yes. Each section of the course will have stimulating exercises and information for you to work with to optimize your learning experience. These optional assignments will help you integrate the work and make transformative changes, moving this exploration to a deeper level.

I’m not very technologically minded. I’m worried that I won’t be able to listen to the teleconferences.

This course is designed to be handled digitally online, the only thing you need is an up to date computer and a high-speed internet connection.

I really want to do this, but my budget is tight. Can you help?

We can offer a payment plan that will automatically debit your credit or debit card $99 a month. Just choose the plan that suits you when you make your payment.

I don’t live in the U.S. But I think my English is good enough to take the course. Can I still do it?

Yes, by all means, we welcome all participants. You should have no trouble accessing the video conferences as long as you have access to a high-speed Internet connection, and if it’s too late where you are to attend the Monday-night conferences live, we’ll get the recording to you within 48 hours. We won’t let you miss a thing.

How much time will this course take each week?

You’ll get as much out of the course as you put into it. The video conferences, which take place two Mondays a month, are 90 minutes long. You can spend as much time on our digital platform as you like. You can invest an hour a day in the assignments from our program director and guest speakers…or more…or less. It’s up to you.

I’m not very outspoken in groups of people. Will I still get a lot from the course?

Of course you will. You’ll reap the benefits of the inner work you’ll be doing no matter how much you interact with the other participants. You’ll still be able to read what other participants are thinking about and posting. You’ll also be able to ask questions of our host and guest speakers via the discussion boards or just read and listen in to the questions asked by others. You could say that this course has been custom-designed just for you.

I don’t like to spend a lot of time online. If I don’t watch all the videos or use the platform very much, would I still benefit?

You’ll get out of the course what you put into it. It’s completely up to you how much or how little time you put into each session and the course as a whole. We think you’ll be excited by the offerings and want to go deep—but it’s up to you!



A Course in Spiritual Healing and Transformation marks the first time a company formed to chronicle the cultural renaissance now upon us has brought together the new ideas that have emerged to date to create a course that enables everyone to put those ideas into practice.

Conceived to change the course of your life and ripple out into the world at large, A Course in Spiritual Healing and Transformation is one of the best investments you’ll ever make in your spiritual advancement, your health, your relationships, your career and your community at large. You’d typically spend more than this on a weekend retreat—and this comes with a money-back guarantee: If after the first month, you don’t feel that the course is right for you, we’ll give you a full refund.

So sign up now at our greatly reduced rate: only $90 a month when you make payment by January 15.

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Still have questions? Email Special Projects Director Carol Greenhouse at

$90/mo. for 12 months, $1,088:

Or make a one-time payment of $899 by January 15:


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The more people like you who are involved with The Intelligent Optimist, the more who will go out and make the planet more of what we imagine it could be—“the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible,” in the words of author and teacher Charles Eisenstein, featured in our November/December 2013 issue.

That’s why we’re offering you a year filled with insight and inspiration, learning and transformation, resources and kindred spirits at the lowest price we could: We need people like you on our side.

No…not people like you.


We want you to join in this mad journey to the bottom of our souls and the outer reaches of our culture as we search for the missing pieces to make our world and ourselves more whole.

And money doesn’t have anything to do with that.

Given that, we’ve set a rock-bottom price for this course.

For $99 a month or less, you’ll be able to work with leading players in the movement toward greater spiritual and cultural freedom and wholeness. You’ll have around-the-clock access to those players, your tribe and the staff of The Intelligent Optimist on the digital platform Moodle, where you’ll be able to explore the questions nearest your heart—and find answers. You’ll get just the right materials in your “in” box at just the right moment—videos, articles, exercises, essays and more. You’ll be supported by the director of the program, Carol Greenhouse, and be able to talk directly with a raft of guest speakers.

A very small investment will bring you very big returns.


This course comes with a 100% moneyback guarantee—so you can feel comfortable in committing without risking anything. If you find the course isn’t for you, simply contact us at by March 1 for a full refund. 

Photos: Filiz Telek, a narrative artist awakening possibility in the human heart and spirit,



Date:  Monday, February 17th - Monday, December 19, 2014

Location: Online

Time: 6 p.m. PST

Price: $999 per year or $99 per month.

All sessions will also be recorded and sent to everyone who is registered.

Members may not use this as their free course.

The Intelligent Optimist organizes Events & Courses with pioneers of possibility and people that can make your life healthier and happier. Members receive all online Events free per year. Online events consist of a single session. Courses have multiple sessions around one topic.