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Learn to Take Care of Yourself with Alexander Dekker

“You can trust that the body, guided by the brain, possesses an unimaginable regenerative potential.”

--Alexander Dekker



Twenty-five years ago, Alexander Dekker recovered from a brain tumor—his way. How did he do it? His story has nothing to do with medical interventions; instead, it’s about how he learned to take care of himself. Read his story in the September/October issue of The Intelligent Optimist. During this online event, he will share his view on what makes us healthy. There will be a lot of opportunity to ask questions.

Event Program

Alexander will share his story: how the doctors told his family he had only 2 ½ months to live, and how he suddenly came to believe in his own healing journey and recovered from his brain tumor. According to Dekker, multiple factors played a role in his healing: work done by Western doctors, but also alternative therapists and his own belief in his full recovery. Alexander Dekker is open to answering questions about his journey and discussing what his experience could mean for you. In addition, he has his own practice in neurofeedback, systems therapy and gestalt therapy, and will show you how he helps patients take health into their own hands.

About the Speaker

“I noticed in 1987 that I was getting sick. In retrospect, the process had probably been going on for a while. My neck hurt. I went cross-eyed and started seeing double. I started vomiting spontaneously. I lost a lot of weight.” This is how Alexander’s story in the September/October issue of The Intelligent Optimist begins.

Alexander Dekker recovered from a brain tumor 25 years ago. After brain surgery in the hospital, he became convinced he would heal, and didn’t need further treatment, even though doctors told him he only had 2 ½ months to live after the surgery. He started to become conscious of his health, and with help from family, friends and various therapists, he slowly recovered. He kept going to the hospital for regular CT scans, and after five years, those scans showed that the tumor was shrinking.

The themes of health and illness became important in Dekker’s life. He started to trust that the body, guided by the brain, possesses an unimaginable regenerative potential. Nowadays, he and his wife have a practice in neurofeedback, systems therapy and gestalt therapy and help people take health into their own hands. According to Dekker, health means: “achieving physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance and maintaining it, each and every day, in vital, living contact with your surroundings.”

And, he continues, “Besides sports and exercise, it’s also good to move your energy deliberately, for example by practicing tai chi or qigong. Be aware of your thoughts. Let your mind settle down, and feed it with healthy thoughts again. Let go of negativity. Let your heart rule your mind. Surround yourself with balanced, happy, grateful people. Learn to share with an open heart. Laugh and cry together. Make time to take care of your emotional wounds, and let them heal. Live from an attitude of being grateful to be part of a greater whole, and learn to take your place in that constellation, based on the question of what life asks from you and the talents you have been given. Make time for seeking stillness, in a chapel or on a mountain. Be there for yourself and for others. Health arises from being in contact with yourself and with others. That’s the secret to being healthy.”

Who Should Attend?

Everyone who would like to learn from Alexander Dekker’s experiences about how to take your health into your own hands.

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Alexander Dekker

Dutchman Alexander Dekker was 23 years old and a student in economics at the University of Groningen, in the Netherlands, when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Twenty-seven years after hearing he might only have 2 ½ months to live, he’s still here. Mind over matter: That’s what he believes. Since 2006, he and his wife have had a private practice incorporating neurofeedback, systems therapy and gestalt therapy.


Date: November 13, 2013

Time: 10am - 11:30am PDT

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