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The Physics of Success with Trevor Blake

Formerly The Physics of Success

Magic is not what we do, magic is who we are.

Our thoughts create our reality. That isn't New Age psychobabble. That's science. In this course, you'll learn how intention setting works.
How you can create a better reality for yourself when you learn how to think better thoughts. Sound simple? It will be after you've taken this course. Read on.


Course Breakdown

Module 1: Freeing the Magic Wand
String theory, quantum entanglement and wave-particle duality together provide a blueprint for how we can interact with our environment and free our minds from limiting beliefs and the anchor of the past experiences at home and in the workplace. Understand scientifically what it is that prevents us being as successful as we would want. Learn why positive thinking is an illusion and what to do about that. Learn how to follow the laws of energy to break free of mental restraints.

Module 2: Tuning the Magic Wand
The discovery of the Higgs Boson is like the final piece in a confusing jigsaw that reveals a map to success rather than a picture of success. Understand the illusion of the senses and how to use that knowledge to enhance your daily experiences. Learn how to improve the power and accuracy of your intuition to improve decision-making and outcomes. Learn how to tap into a source of winning ideas and how to balance your life for more fun and success.

Module 3: Using the Magic Wand
Discover the illusion of time and its repercussions for how we set goals and forecasts. Understand the limitations of the law of attraction. Create the right balance between analyses and intuition. Learn how to use your imagination to build models of success before they become material experiences. Learn how to focus and increase attention in a way that brings more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.

Module 4: To be decided by attendee feedback and request. Full Q&A. Practical examples. Situational analysis and problem solving.

Why You Should Register

Do you want to manifest a new dream?

Do you want to learn how to attract money?

Do you want to set off on a new path but feel unsure?

Do you want to feel as though you’ve found your mission?

If so, The Physics of Success is exactly where you need to be.

Praise for Three Simple Steps:

" inspirational and thought-provoking read..." —Publishers Weekly

“Trevor Blake has provided a clear and concise road map for those of us who believe we were born to make a difference but needed help getting started. The empowering and inspirational message will change your life. ... It did mine! Three Simple Steps is a guidebook that you will use" —Debbie Knight, President & CEO, DK Innovative

"Finally, a book about how to succeed by an author who has actually achieved something before writing about it! I have worked with many aspiring entrepreneurs over the years, and they would all benefit from reading and learning to live Three Simple Steps. I wish I had been given the opportunity to internalize these important lessons earlier in my own career." —Drew A. Graham, Managing Partner, Ballast Point Ventures

“Trevor showed me early on in my career to keep things simple. I've watched him build two successful companies from his home. He is a man who cares and knows how to do great things with the simplest of plans. Three Simple Steps is sure to help us all gain greater business success and keep in perspective the things that matter most to us.” —Jennifer Olsen, President & CEO, Resourceful HR LLC

"This book bucks the self-help-book trends of bullets, charts, grids and web links, trading them for elegant, powerful truths about what it takes to create a prosperous, happy life -- at home and  —Tara-Nicholle Nelson, Inman News

“Anyone—regardless of circumstances—who has listened to me and has implemented these practices has had a transformative life.”—Trevor Blake

Trevor Blake is the author of the New York Times bestseller, Three Simple Steps: A Map to Success in Business and Life, based on his experience as the founder and CEO of a company that developed medicines used to treat rare diseases, mostly in children.


Trevor Blake

Author of Three Simple Steps, Trevor Blake knows about breaking the mold. Born into poverty, he developed a knack for entrepreneurialism when riding the school bus at 12. Noting how much his classmates enjoyed sweets, he bought a bulk supply of treats one day and sold them to his fellow travelers. With money in his hand at the end of the day, he had learned a thing or two about taking initiative.

Blake has translated his entrepreneurial gifts into a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry. With an MBA from Durham University in the U.K. and a degree in radiation physics and nuclear medicine, Blake was also a graduate of Britannia Royal Navy College. He has more than 20 years of experience as a commercial development leader with successful biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. This led to his success in 2002 as founder and CEO of America’s most successful “non-employer business,” QOL Medical LLC, a company focused on solutions for rare diseases that he started with just a few thousand dollars. By 2008, QOL was earning $20 million a year in revenues with gross profits of 83%, while developing five medicines used to treat rare diseases, mostly in children. Despite having no facility or employees, QOL provided medicines all over the world, and also set up a compassionate use program that allowed over 25% of patients to receive free medication and allowed no patient to pay more than a $30 co-pay. QOL sold in 2010 for more than $100 million. Blake also founded ANU Oncology in 2006, a unique virtually structured company focused on developing cancer treatments, which he sold in 2011 to Taiwan-based New Pacific for an undisclosed fee.

Blake’s most recent success has been his New York Times bestselling Three Simple Steps: A Map to Success in Business and Life (BenBella Books, 2012), which has led to coverage from The Wall Street Journal, Publisher’s Weekly, Shape Magazine, PBS TV’s Between the Lines,,, Blogcritics, and many more media outlets.


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