We all like to laugh, but do you actively seek out ways to find things funny? You probably don’t, but might want to consider it. Laughing gets your heart going, which improves cardio health, engages your core muscles, and releases endorphins, your body’s natural pain killer.

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August 2009–The Laughter Issue

Aside from being healthy laughter transcends cultures, country boundaries, and language. Everyone laughs, and almost everyone likes to laugh. We even published an entire magazine issue dedicated laughing; called The Laughter Issue, back in 2009. On the cover is President Barack Obama’s Kenyan grandmother Sarah Obama laughing for joy after her grandson was elected President of the United States.

There is only one way to reap the benefits of laughter—find humor in things, anything, and if possible, everything. While a trip to the comedy club, or a funny movie will get the job done Allen Klein, author and Jollytologist, thinks you should find humor in everyday occurrences.

“If you look, and listen for humor, it’s all around us,” Klein explains. A key to finding the humor that you might not know is around you is to keep a good attitude, lighten up, and don’t take things too seriously. Klein keeps a red clown nose with him as a prop, and puts it on whenever he finds himself falling into the trap of taking our “stressful” lives too seriously.

In the video below Klein mentions more ways to inject humor into your everyday life, and discusses his new book, Having the Time of Your Life, which we will be running an excerpt from in the coming weeks.

Find out more about Allen Klein's new book on his website.

Photo courtesy of Flickr/gavinkwhite