Magazine Issue: July/August 2013


Nature, Inc.

By Jay Harman
Reaching speeds of 200 miles an hour, the Japanese Shinkansen bullet train is the fastest train in the world. But changes in air pressure produced loud thunder claps every time the train came out of a tunnel. The chief engineer’s solution was to model the vehicle after the long, narrow beak of the kingfisher, which dives underwater for fish and emerges without making much of a splash. Illustration: Emile Noordeloos/

A pioneering inventor explains how biomimicry--innovation inspired by nature--will be the business of the 21st century.

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  1. Bio mimicry is not only non-linear and a no waste system. It is also holistic – the dots are all connected – some more than others depending on the circumstances, but they are all connected. Some of us that try to study and write about this from a business perspective identify it as the Triple Bottom Line: people, planet and prosperity. I have read Janine Benyus’ book and have been inspired and referenced it . I’m looking forward to reading all of Jay Harman’s book. I’m of the opinion there is really no other reasonable path for mankind. Great column. Thanks.

  2. The most exciting, promising, optimistic, and practical piece I have read in years! I’m ordering the book in order to be better able to talk about this. Thank you for sharing this!

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