Magazine Issue: September 2006

Reading, writing and playing The Sims

By Editorial Team

What video games can teach educators about improving our schools
Marco Visscher| September 2006 issue

The door closes with a squeak and a creak. Oh no! Is it locked? Let’s check… No, thank God, you can open it… So now, another go at getting to the ladder. Maybe through this narrow hallway? … No, it...

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  1. Bill Whitworth

    Writing as we know it is the beginning of vision, from vision everything comes. We are born of vision, from vision all that we are is made, and in vision, we ‘see’ that which is beyond where we now are. This is evening, do you inVISION the twilight, this is morning, the same. This is Myself going forward with a Dream, that becomes a Desire, and with thought, brings forth action, thus are all things that are or are yet to be Created, I am Vision.!!!!

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