Magazine Issue: July/August 2011


Standing in the light

By Editorial Team

How Johan Boswinkel is using biophotons, the faint light waves emitted by cells, to help the body heal.

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  1. So many devices and machines that are available to treat all kinds of illness, pain, syndromes, etc….
    I applaud all these “geniuses”. I wish the governments and pharmaceutical companies would mind their own business and let people have a choice on how to treat themselves.
    I am a healer (not a medical doctor) and work with different disciplines as well as devices with much better results than alopathic medicine without the undesired side effects. One of the most amazing to help people improve their quality of life are the CieAura holographic chips…….. but that is for another article!

  2. Jurriaan,

    I have been involved in homeopathic medicine since 1972, and I have known about Voll’s method and other similar new technologies that have emerged since the late ’70s. However, YOUR article is the best description of these developments that I have ever read. Good work, actually, great work!

    Back in 1981, I organized a conference at UC Berkeley entitled “Conceptualizing Energy Medicine.” I had hoped that this conference will help herald in a new paradigm of understanding and manifesting real healing. However, it seems that natural/alternative medicine in America has emphasized nutritional supplements much more than homeopathic (energy) medicines. And sadly, the “science” behind CAM have sought to emulate the same reductionistic practices for one specific treatment for everyone with one specific disease…and because that is not the way real healing works, such “scientific” investigations predictably enough have not proven the efficacy of natural treatments. GOOD scientific research must evaluate the overall SYNDROME of a person, not just a local disease (because disease is never local…it is systemic).

    Thank you, Jurriaan, for your writing…and a “high potency” thank you to John Boswinkel for his important work!

    For people who want to follow-up on some of my writings on homeopathy and energy medicine, see some of my work at: –of special interest to people interested in the above article will be my writings on “energy medicine” and the new research of Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier.


  4. Aloha,
    I agree with Dana Ullman, this is the best article I ever read on the development of biophotone – and bioresonance therapy. I worked in Germany as a Heilpraktiker for more than 30 years and have watched the development of these machines (I worked with MORA, and MORA color in the 80s and 90s) and I had, until I emigrated to Hawaii in 2009 a BICOM bioresonance device. The mode d’emploi is the same as Boswinkel describes it in his work. I also was also able to experience a BIONIC 880 (Biophotonen) device 2009 in Germany. The flaw on that device was, that it was trial and error how to find the right setting for a specific patient. Reading now, that Mr Boswinkel combines the diagnostic and application mode from the Bioresonance and the technique from the Biophotones – this must be an extraordinary device and I cannot wait to hear him speak via livestream in San Francisco.

    If there is interest in another further development of an ancient healing method I invite you to read more about european foot reflexology, where you can for example empty benign breast and ovary cysts (using the pituitary point as a catalyst point) to only name one of the possibilities.
    I hope that this forum will be meeting point to all the people, who are interested in the healing art. Love and light from Hawaii Ulla Meyerhof

  5. disentegrating vertebrae in cervical spine causing bone spurs, scar tissue and arthritis in right shoulder. will this process help theseallysics problems

  6. Thanks for the information. I hope you will do a follow up article.

  7. Many have been on the outer edges of this material – biophotons, etc. Back in the 1880s, Dr. Babbitt and others were using exceedingly simple illumination with colors to heal. From 1920 on, many practitioners continued with a system called Spectro-Chrome, and it is still in existence today. A household lamp in a box, and appropriate color filters is all that is required to cause cause surprising health changes in many cases. Recently, Japanese researchers took photos of a person, in complete darkness, showing visible light emanating from him. Live and learn does not seem to be the motto of the current medical profession.

  8. I’ve been useing flower essences produced at Perelandra for at least 20 years. They work by repairing the bodys electrical system [biophotons] whitch then impact the nervous system and that impacts the biochemistry. So it sounds like one can get pretty much the same effect without a device, and the body its self knows where the circutry is fried and sends the healing pattern of the essences directly where it is need. Anyway, anyone wanting to start immediately takeing care of their own health should check it out. Perelandra is a nature research center in Warrington VA run by Michaelle Small Wright. The prices are very reasonable and I highly recommend them.

  9. Very interesting and informative article. I have a rare form of leukemia, myelofibrosis, and this article leaves me thinking maybe there’s hope for me. I would be very appreciative if the author could provide additional information regarding bio phototonics as it relates to myelofibrosis. Thanking you in advance.

  10. I have been using this treatment to heal from the diagnosis of myelofibrosis with a JAK2 mutation and then a further diagnosis of CMML. What appreared to be a rather grim prognosis and no real treatment options, has turned into one of the most “healing adventures” of my entire life. I went from listless, exhausted, rising WBC count, crazy other cell counts, 100 % cellular marrow & enlarged abdomen to what looks like the beginning of a healthy life again. I am aggressive with the treatments and there is no adverse effect as there would be with chemo, to keep the spleen size down. (Mine has gone down). As the article says, I am “standing in the light.”

  11. As a Biontologist, went through the Institute of Johan Boswinkel, and did a Master of Science in the InterUni College Seggau in Graz, Austria, I have done scientific investigation with the use of the biophotonic instrument by Johan Boswinkel. This was, together with my fellow Biontologists, an extraordinary experience. There is still a lot to discover and there should be done more in order to have the effects of working with biophotons proven. On the other hand the people who have discovered their improvement of the quality of their health, take their action to show the world their achievement. This is great. This Article about Johan Boswinkel is giving a good impression of what is possible. There is more to come, also as I understand in the USA. People like Jan (see above January 30) with his website is showing how he recovered towards his better quality of life. Hopefully John (January 29) can benifit from the what John did, and get to a healer/biontologist in the USA. As also other reactions on this article on this website show, there are several people mentioning the fact that the medical doctors are working in very different way. As I read the stories, people are writing about a so called local sickness or disease, instead of the holistic view where the biontologist will look at the whole human being and search for the cause. With the appropriate energetic frequency many causes can be neutralized. A great thing to do with and for the patient. A world opened when starting to work with this and much is still out there to discover. A last statement: please remember that you are your own doctor, so he is never far away.

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