Magazine Issue: November 2003

The amazing promises of the Zero Point Field

By Editorial Team

The story that you're about to read has created quite a stir among our editorial staff. The subject touches upon everything, literally everything that we humans do in our lives. And this is confrontational, disturbing and hopeful all at once. But that wasn't the only reason for the commotion. There ...

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  1. Great article. And what does all this amazing new science + old spirituality mean for our daily existence? Everything. It is the promise of fourth dimensional consciousness within which we are beginning to live. While most do not understand this new vibration, we are all beginning to feel it and notice its effects upon our world. So are we headed for Armageddon or Enlightenment? Thinking and clutching lead to the former. Being and “tuning in” lead to the latter. You will notice a Yin element emerging to re-balance our world. What an exciting time to have incarnated, yes?

  2. Vesa Putkonen, architect

    Thank you. I love you all.

  3. its possible our individual experiences of the feild are dependant on which frequency we share with the feild ..or put more simply i believe the feild is not of a uniform frequency but can be thought of as in light as having discrete bands of frequency and that our states of conciousness are within these same frequencies. I believe for instance people with depression are not accessing or interacting with the same frequency of the feild as those without and more importantly are less effective ,thier interaction being somehow being less successful. Some mental illnesses could even be likened to having problems with tuning in , jumping from one frequency to another . Whether we can effectively interact with the feild could also depend on our level of positivity.

    It’s clear our world is what we make it, heaven or hell ..”armegeddon or enlightenment ” I believe some of us might find it easier than others to obtain enlightenment . A select few may be very effective and operate at a higher level ..a larger portion operate and exsist at an uneffective and miserable level There won’t be enlightenment for all unless those that operate at a more effective level have enlightenment for everybody as the goal .
    Sadly the attainment of wealth, fame and other personal goals seem to be the measure of how effective sucessful a person is in the world. How many books have you seen with the title ..How to be rich , how to be sucessful in buisness , How to get anything you want ..The Secret .
    Be the change you want to see ..Personally i don’t think we all have the same abilities to be the change we want to see ..and that those who have the greatest abilities have to be better at seeing the the changes that need to be made ,not just for ourselves but for others …be the change that those who can’t change anything would want to see .

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