Magazine Issue: Oct/Nov 2011


Viva la revolution!

By Editorial Team

How the “energy Internet” will transform political power by democratizing green power.

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  1. Wow, excellent article!

  2. Brilliant article. The question is not if this will happen, but who will take the lead to make it happen. Which people, which leaders, which CEO’s, which President?

    There is so much money to be made, you just have to look long term.

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  6. Ken – “There is so much money to be made…”

    Really? You think making money is what this is about? It’s about saving billions of lives, and what’s left our scarred planet.

    Jesus, man. Snap out of the 1950s, brother.

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  10. It’s an excellent article, but seems to overlook the fact that we’re consuming more than the Earth can produce in general, not just of oil. We cannot hope to recover in just one dimension and expect the others to somehow magically follow; we must radically change our approach to producing almost everything. This means creating cyclic rather than linear systems of production and (re)use, eliminating waste and pollution and accounting for the full spectrum of costs and benefits (not favoring the financial at the expense of everything else).

    Nonetheless, the shift toward renewable energy is key, and the information infrastructure that the article cites also supports these broader changes. Much of the same logic applies to food production and to other consumables as is related to energy in the article.

  11. Prophetic words! Wish they were louder. After starting the curb collection of recyclables, 37 years ago in Seattle, with Rifkin as my inspiration, I am still hopeful that his “futurism” will help guide us. Hope my E-M will be transmitted to anyone who’d like to discover the “dark side” of recycling. It has a lot to with the incompatability of morals, energy and money; though with more articles like this hope can spring eternal. Congrates Ode keep it up. Regret I’m too poor to subscribe. Maybe someday.

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